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Tadiran lithium batteries survive extreme cold temperatures to continuously monitor the transport of the
Energy Efficiency December 22, 2020

Lithium batteries developed to survive extreme cold temperatures

Tadiran has developed bobbin-type lithium thionyl chloride (LiSOCl2) batteries that have been specially modified for use in the cold chain, which is required for transporting the COVID-19 vaccine.

By Tadiran Batteries
Energy Management November 24, 2020

Has hydrogen’s time finally come?

Hydrogen could offer a greener future for us all, but harnessing its full potential requires a degree of technical understanding

By Todd Ellerton
Courtesy: Hunter Industrial Fans
Energy Efficiency November 23, 2020

Improve air quality with high-volume, low-speed fans

HVLS fans move large volumes of air with reduced energy consumption

By Mark D’Agostino
Part of the Charter Street Heating and Cooling Plant on the UW-Madison campus. A new model for control systems could help large central plants like these save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Courtesy: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sustainabilitysnis129全文免费阅读 snis129 E道阅读网 snis129全文免费阅读 snis129 E道阅读网 ,秘书 高飞车稻森丽奈 散文随笔 E道阅读网 秘书 高飞车稻森丽奈 散文随笔 E道阅读网 November 18, 2020

How LEED certification and power plants can coexist

With the use of renewables, green energy will become the norm, powered by LEED and PEER standards

By Shannon Bergstrom
Engineers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute developed a predictive model for such a device, which will allow researchers to better understand and optimize its functionalities. Courtesy: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
Energy Management October 29, 2020

Predictive model reveals function of energy harvester device

An energy harvesting device that can transform subtle mechanical vibrations into electrical energy could be used to power wireless sensors and actuators.

By Torie Wells
Courtesy: Schneider Electric
Energy Management October 19, 2020

Your questions answered: Improve industrial facility energy management: a process-based approach

Presenters from the Oct. 13, 2020 webcast “Improve industrial facility energy management: a process-based approach” addressed questions not covered during the live event.

By Ram Kaushik
Fabrication process, structures, and output signals of a fabric-based wearable energy harvester. Courtesy: KAIST/ISSSource
Energy Efficiency October 15, 2020

Energy harvester improves wearable electronics potential

An energy harvester has been developed that could make manufacturing embedded wearable electronics a viable reality.

By Gregory Hale
Sea water can be converted into hydrogen fuel using this design for a sea water electrolyzer, according to Penn State researchers. Courtesy: Tyler Henderson, Penn State University
Energy, Power October 9, 2020

Generating renewable hydrogen fuel from the sea

Membranes originally developed for purifying water in the reverse osmosis (RO) treatment process, commonly used in electrolyzers, are used to remove salt from water to help turn sea water into hydrogen fuel.

By Tim Schley
Courtesy: Superior Energy Systems
Energy Management October 9, 2020

Propane storage capacity increased through rail-supplied terminals

Rail terminals save money by minimizing distances and time

By Crystelle Markley
Courtesy: DTE Energy
Energy Efficiency September 29, 2020

LDC Focus: Spotlight on DTE Energy

DTE Gas is taking a unique, holistic approach to achieving its net zero goal by including suppliers and customers on the journey

By Gas Technology

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